Loading Web Design Tips to Make Fast And Lightweight

Create and build a website that has a very fast loading is very important that you are a web developer or a blogger for fast loading web that have not will make visitors become bored so it can reduce your web visitors. Visitors usually really like a visit to a web that has a fast loading because it will not waste their time.
And for those of you who put SEO or web credibility in the eyes of google then loading fast is imperative, Google itself is a sport with a web that has a fast loading and it can give a plus as positions in search engines greatly affect the number of visitors.
Here are tips to create a blog or website that has a fast loading:

Main page

The most important thing about the web is the main page. Keep the content on the main page filled with content that is relevant and lightweight. Avoid the use of video or images that have a large file size because it will make people slow your web opens. Especially if your visitors are from Indonesia which is known to have a slow internet connection.
Make sure the main page has content, or content that has value in the eyes of visitors and avoid the use of some kind of animation berlebiha script on your website. Scripts such as pop ups can also create your web loading so slow.

For pages in some parts

Today it is hot once one page web design where all the pages together in one long course. But did you know that the web design that will make your web difficult to open because it has a lot of content on a single page. It is best to divide certain pages or content that could be in rather than one by one.

Keep coding stay clean

Coding the left flat as clean as highly favored by Google, and automatically google itself on the web that has a source code clean, because the web is neat and clean will allow the robot from google to read. You also need to minimize the use of external coding with source code or who come from outside because it can make your website to be slow.

compres pictures

Pastika images you use are small not big, gunakanla compressors if your image is larger, you can use photoshop or other online compressors. ukurang large image files make loading of your web becomes slower. Recommended types of image files is PNG, GIF, JPEG, and svg.

Avoid the use of video

Avoid the use of video because the video has an average size of large files that make your web loading so slow. Even if you are forced to use video, try setting for the video does not automatically play. Or you can also use an external link other video services like youtube.

Simple and modest

Use a web design that is simple and simple, or you can use a web design flats that are currently trending. Where is the user friendly web design pleasing to the eye, but it has a very light loading because it does not use a variety of effects such as shadow, gradient or other effects.
Itulan tips to make web design with a lightweight and fast loading, may be useful for those who engaged in the world you are a web developer or a blogger who prioritizes visitors.

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